2 simple characteristics define our team spirit - Creativity and Fun. We believe these two are the essences of a great software



Utku ÖZ

10+ years of management consulting experience with a focus on banking and telecommunications industries
Hands on experience in advanced analytics techniques and machine learning on R/Python
Interested in programming and design as a hobby

What is sales-flex

sales-flex is an analytics oriented, open source b2b sales platform equipped with best-in class business processes


Commercial banking re-engineered; the power of automated account planning and pricing

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Is over customized to industry specifics

Our software adapts customized solutions to specific industry needs (we call it business driven technology)
It adapts “best-practice” business and sales processes of different industries…
… and enforces your organization to follow new approach

Puts AI and digital experience on core in a modular way

We develop our software in a modular way enabling use of digital and analytics in the most extensive way
Our digital mindset targets to allow remote working with the easiest user experience possible
Artificial intelligence modules guiding managers and sales-force are here to make it easy and fun

Is open source and community backed

We beleive in sharing and expertise: That is why we did it “open source” from day 0; to make it big and impactful:
We believe more users/contributors will bring more success, we invest building a sales-flex community
We have volunteer senior advisor team to steering development of our software and guiding our community

Value simplicity over detail

We think a lot to make our solutions simple and lean:
Measure of success for us how much fun users make when using our products
We bluntly sacrifice detail functionality for simplicity


We proudly present our RM workbench demo for banking



We -4 sales and technology enthusiats- established sales-flex on Jan 2019; to create an open source, ai driven sales platform.

Why sales-flex

3 reasons to use sales-flex for your organization

Embedded best in class sales process
Natively born with AI and digital UX
Open source and community driven


Learn about the philosophy behind sales-flex

About us

Founder - Front End Developer

Burak Altundal

15+ years of experience in programming and user experience.
Previously lead mobile technologies team of Turkey's largest e-commerce player and was CTO of one of the biggest mobile development companies.

Founder - Back End Developer


9 years of experience in data warehouse and analytics.
Previously manager of data warehouse architecture team at banking sector and was responsible to develop and design solutions to solve complex business problems.


In 2019 our main focus in on banking industry building B2B RM Workbench

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Meet sales-flex family; and join us - there are 10s of different way to join our community

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Sales-flex Software Ltd.
+90 (212) 924 0594

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  • +90 (212) 924 0594
  • info@sales-flex.com

Business driven technology

Our offering is totally built on best in class business processes. And these processes are extracted as from years of business experience in different industries

This makes sales flex unique: rather than offering a technological solution fitting into your processes, we offer a new best proactice process to follow and our software enforces your organization to adapt it

Modular in a way that digital and AI at core

We developed sales-flex with a modular mindset where
  • Digital –allowing remote working with easiest user interface possible-
  • ...and artificial intelligence guiding managers and salesforce are core elements of design

Our pre-trained artificial intelligence models add value to your business by recommending opportunities and setting up targets